1. How long is shipping? A. Express shipping is 1-2 business days and Standard shipping is 2-4 business days. All 1B orders ship same day if order before 4pm. 

2. Where is my tracking number? A. All tracking numbers are emailed once they are assigned please check your inbox and spam folder. 

3. What are the companies business hours? Business Hours are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday. 24 hour email support.

4. How can I do an exchange? Email tierrasdiamondkollection@gmail.com

5. What grade of Hair is this? Each kollection lists the grade of hair under each description. Our grades range from 6A-9A. 

6. What's the best hair to purchase? A. It depends on what look you're going for. You really can't go wrong with anything you select.

7. What's the difference between the countries? A. Click on our country of origin guide for more information. 

8. Is this Virgin Hair? A. Yes 100% Virgin Hair

9. What is virgin Hair? Our hair is sourced directly from the country of origin without adding any chemicals. 
10. What's your Instagram? A. @TierrasDiamondKollection

11. Where you located? A. Atlanta based, unfortunately, we don't allow store pickups at this time.
12. Where do you ship? We ship worldwide.

13. Whats the difference between a front lace wig and a full lace wig ? A. The front lace wig is made with a 13X4 frontal. Our full lace wig is made with a 360 frontal making it more versatile.

14. Do you guys color hair? A. Yes we can do any color you would like. However we are not accepting coloring services at this time.

15. Whats the difference between your kollections? A. We have several kollections you can click on each kollection. 

16. Is your Low Kut (standard) hair good? A. Yes its great hair its still better than the hair our major competitors sell. 

17. How long does your hair last? A. All kollections will last up to a year with proper care, our best kollections will last longer. 
18. Are the knots bleach? A. The knots do not come bleached, because we have no idea how much bleach to use to match your complexion. 

19. Do your frontals or closures come pre plucked? A. Our frontals or closures do not come pre-plucked, because we have no idea how much hair to pluck to match your natural hair line.