Princess Kut Kollection

Princess Kut (Loose Deep Wave)

Tierra's Diamond Kollection

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Princess Kut (Loose Deep Wave)
Princess Kut (Loose Deep Wave)

Our Princess Kollection is perfect for the woman who is adored for her beauty. This hair comes from one hair donor and is simply FLAWLESS!! The only thing better than a Princess is a ROUND KUT. This is kollection is a step above our Princess kollection this and is super soft shed and tangle free Virgin Hair. Loose Deep is a very similar to deep wave but the waves are further apart.

*You will need at least two-three bundles to complete your entire head and for lengths over 20 inches we recommend using 3 bundles or more, Lengths Over 24"inch we recommend using 4 bundles or more, and Lengths Over 28'Inches we recommend 5 Bundles or more.

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